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About Me


I'm Georgina and I am a Clutter Consultant and Professional Organiser. I love my job, but it is quite limiting as to how many people I can actually help each week, and support through their decluttering journey.

I am always thinking of ways I can extend this support further afield as being overwhelmed by the number of belongings in your home is such a common problem. You are definitely not alone!

Clutter in your home has such a detrimental effect on so many different areas of your life, from the feeling you get when arriving home from work after a long, hard day, through to the stress and anxiety it can cause, the lack of sleep, the negative affect on relationships in and out of your home and even your health.

It is my mission to support as many different people in as many different ways as possible!

I really do hope my products can benefit more people and make a big impact in all your homes and lives.