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DOWNLOADABLE VERSION - The Procrastinator's Guide to a Clutter Free Home!

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Kiss a cluttered home goodbye and say hello to a HIGHLY EFFICIENT, CLUTTER FREE and ORGANISED home. Using PROVEN methods, to motivate, support and encourage you throughout the decluttering process. Offering ideas for organisation and guiding you to the HOME OF YOUR DREAMS!

“As a self-employed mum of 2, with ADHD, I find it really hard to prioritise housework. Georgina’s guide is the motivation I didn’t know I needed. It has transformed, not only my home, but the way I think about keeping it organised.”

Emily (High Peak, UK)

This is a complete guide to give you step-by-step support to create a clutter free, beautifully organised home!

  • Do you repeatedly decide to start decluttering but always find something else ‘more important’ to do?
  • Do you start to declutter a space, become overwhelmed and leave it?
  • Do you keep meaning to start a declutter but think, it will still be there tomorrow, I can start it then!
  • Do you need help to clear those untouched piles of belongings?
  • Would you love an organised sanctuary that encourages relaxation and calm?

“Georgina, your kind, gentle and non-judgmental approach has helped me to make small changes, a little at a time. I have tidied every room in my house.”

Rachel (UK)

From purchasing this, you will get:

  • A downloadable COMPLETE GUIDE which has motivational tips, advice, inspiration and an individual section on each area of your home, ensuring a COMPLETE home reset.
  • Beautifully explained encouragement, ideas, decluttering and organising challenges.
  • Tasks and worksheets to help you envision your end goal and to refer back to when the motivation decreases!
  • 100 quick-fire decluttering and organising challenges, keeping every task manageable.
  • Advice for each section of your home, offering my ‘Top Tips’ in EVERY area.
  • Easy to understand language.
  • Engaging challenges to encourage motivation.

“Your tips have been amazing for providing me with the motivation, tricks and knowledge for making my new home not only a much nicer, tidier place to live, but a less stressful place to walk around.”

Naomi (Nottinghamshire, UK)

Have you needed some support to help you along the way?

Well this is just what you have needed all along...

This is sure to transform your home and guide you every step of the way!

You will get a PDF (4MB) file

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4 months ago

Brilliant resource to kick start a decluttering journey or get you back on track

The procrastinator’s guide to a clutter free home is a brilliant resource to kick start a decluttering journey or get you back on track if you have already started.

I could not wait to read it and get started when I got it. Unlike other decluttering advice I have had in the past, which has been very vague and tells you to declutter but not actually how to declutter, this breaks decluttering down into separate areas and actually tells you where to start. It has a handy checklist to mark off your small wins, top tips on how to tackle that area and also what feeling you are trying to create in that area.

It has been created for busy people and this is really evident in how manageable it seems to both read and get started. The fact that Georgina has children herself and understands the challenges that brings when it comes to decluttering is really refreshing. It also addresses how to approach sentimental or inherited items which I have always struggled with.

Thank you