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You never need to feel alone in your fight against clutter again!

Join this community to gain support with your decluttering AND well-being, every step of the way!


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Hi, I'm Georgina, a Clutter Fairy that will support and guide you to achieve the clutter free and calm home you desire.

"The combination of talks about decluttering and also positive talks about life changes and staying healthy are very powerful. It all works very well together. Thank you for setting up such a lovely and inspiring programme." (TW)

Do any of these apply to you?

Are the piles of clutter feeling too overwhelming to tackle?

Do you tidy but it never lasts?

Do you keep making plans to start decluttering but find yourself becoming distracted with something else?

Does your self-belief and negative talk usually stop your from achieving any progress?

Do you dream of an organised, functional home but you are just too busy to do it?

Are you telling yourself, this isn't the life you thought you would be living!

Do you need guidance and support to help you get going....someone to be your cheerleader to give you the boost when motivation is lacking?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this is the membership for you!

"Just to say thanks so much Georgina for the past 4 evenings where you shared your knowledge and experience in beginning and maintaining decluttering our homes, it has been so helpful! I am very grateful that your talks have propelled me from procrastination to productivity"


If you have a cluttered, chaotic and dysfunctional home, joining this membership, will mean you will gain the support and structure to transform your home room by room, step by step, with me supporting you at every stage!

You will soon have the calm, relaxing and efficient home you have always dreamed of!

"Georgina, your kind, gentle and non-judgmental approach has helped me to make small changes, a little at a time. I have tidied every room in my house. My home feels calm and I feel calm. It’s been a life changing process, one which I will definitely continue with. Thank you Georgina, for sharing your expertise, you’re a decluttering superstar!"


I will teach you, even though you have a super busy life, exactly how to make a start so it feels easy and achievable. I will teach you how to maintain your motivation and ensure you finish each task.

Each month a guest speaker will give you a well-being boost from their area of expertise, ranging from diet, to mindset, confidence, self-belief to focusing the mind!

We will focus on a different area or category in your home each month, allowing you time to give each area a really good declutter and organise. I will show you ways of working through each room, offering quick-wins, tips and tricks to ensure an easily maintainable level of organisation... that if it becomes messy (especially if you have children), within 15 minutes, it will once again be spotless!

I will teach you techniques to declutter and organise efficiently all the while creating a space which works well for YOU and your family.

If you struggle to make a start on your own, then every month there will also be 2 'declutter together' sessions, so there will be no excuse... I will be there to motivate you and offer any support you may need in this session. Your camera can be on or off, so no need to worry!

This can be a drop in session to answer questions, get you progressing and build your motivation, or stay around for the whole hour and get stuck in decluttering.

Members really enjoy these sessions...

"Great power hour tonight! I find this the most motivating part of the membership. One hour (which often turns into more ) dedicated to decluttering and nothing else. There is absolutely no judgement as we are all in this journey together"


The monthly well-being bonus will be in the form of professional guest speakers, specialising in a different area each month, from diet, to mindset, to self-belief and positivity. These guest speakers will then become life long members and be there to support you along your journey... just imagine how many specialists there will be to support you on your decluttering and well-being journey!

You will also become a member of my private Facebook community where you can share your progress, encourage and support each other and by sharing any progress made, you will be entered in to a giveaway to win a 1:1 online session with me...this will happen EVERY MONTH!

Do you need this support and motivation in your life?

Well, you can have it right here!

...All for a cheaper price than an extra high street top to add to your wardrobe!

Emily Jones said:

"Georgina made me feel very relaxed and at ease, she had some great suggestions and I could have kept her all day, kept her until my house is completely clutter free!"

Georgina creator of Cluttered to Calm For the Love of Tidying

What will be involved?

Every month there will be:

  • WEEK 1: A monthly 'training' workshop live in the private Facebook group, I will be giving you the techniques needed to tackle the clutter in one area or for one category every month. (can be re-watched and caught up with at anytime)
  • WEEK 2 + 4: Online zoom sessions where we will declutter together and I will be there to support you and answer questions as we go - your video can be on or off!
  • WEEK 3: There will be a guest speaker live in the Facebook group, they will deliver a session to give you a well-being, self-belief and positivity boost! There will be a Q&A session and this can be caught up on and re-watched anytime.
  • A private Facebook group, just for our membership, where we can support each other throughout this journey.
  • A monthly giveaway, if you post a before and after photo in the Facebook group, this will not only give you accountability, but you will also have a chance to win a 1:1 virtual organising session with me. (The posting can be done anonymously)
  • Tips, hacks and inspiration posted in the Facebook group to inspire and motivate.

All this for JUST £25 a month!

The day and time of the 'Declutter Together' sessions are decided each time with a poll so it works for as many people as possible.

Training sessions will be in the Facebook group and can be caught up on at any time.

*Cancel at anytime

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